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Tunechi’s Back

Intro Man, fuck these niggas Hook "Tunechi's back, Tunechi’s back" That's all these bitches screaming that Tunechi’s back All eyes on me; nigga, picture I’m rolling Strapped up with that Mac, masked up like a goalie Man, my bitch on that coke, she snorted four and a baby Now, the bitch owe me; she sell that pussy and pay me They saying "Tunechi’s back! Tunechi’s back!" And I brought them twins with me, nigga, Click and Clack Let's go Verse Out on bail, work on the scale Put some change on your head, boy, you on sale Yeah I'll see you in hell, pop-pop, get well Make breakfast 'Cause I got you walking on egg shells Xan with that lean I ain't a begging motherfucker, but, nigga, please! And I aim this motherfucker at your memories And all my niggas Bloods, but we make you niggas bleed Yeah, Bloody Mary I’m the one with the money, so I ain't the one with the gun All I do is give the word to the one with the gun I’m triple OG, Fuque splitting a Sweet Fuck bitches, get money—mission complete Man, fuck these niggas, I ain't worried 'bout 'em These niggas pure pussy, pull a pearl out 'em Yeah, I got a virgin, I call her Madonna But I ain't trippin', her head is a monster Yeah, we do this for real Swear to God, I never shoot unless I’m shooting to kill Young wild motherfucker, pop you and a pill Boy, instead of writing raps, you should be writing your will You a dead man I get to poppin’ this bitch, watch where your head land I ain't right, I swear to God, I need my head scanned Stand up and eat that pussy while she on a headstand I’m a dog, ho Camo cargos, semi-auto My bitch sniff more lines than a barcode, yeah! Wish I could take a shot of Ciroc with Pac Sorry for the wait, 'til my album drop

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